Leadership in the Digital Age

To succeed in unknown territories, you require a new kind of leadership and strategy. Digitization and transformation need resilience just as much as high altitude mountaineering. You have to be flexible and firm at the same time, to cope with sudden changes.

I provide personal guidance, coaching, and structures to succeed.

Amplify Your Leadership

In times of digitization you need to find a way out of the complexity trap

I enable you and your teams to work more effectively. I give high-impact executive coaching, that will enable you to develop and execute strategies to make your business more successful in the digital world.

  • I am your personal guide and enabler to support you to pursue your goals and objectives.
  • I provide thought leadership coaching, unbiased partnership and deep digitization knowledge.
  • I contribute structure and process so your teams are able to make high-quality decisions.

Strategy To Summit

To achieve peak performance, you must know your hand

A good strategy should guide how you will create and capture value while moving forward. Make a plan to steer activities in the right direction. Discover how you translate the complexity of strategy into something simple and flexible enough to execute.

  • Great adventures combine passion and resilience. Challenge the team to expand their capabilities.
  • Summiting needs a sincere and trustful partnership as well as careful planning and flexible prearrangement.
  • Individual and sophisticated tactical planning ensures a maximum of learning, enjoyment, safety, and success.

Expand Your Impact

Preparing your adventure

Learn how to constantly adapt to new situations in the job, just like in the mountains.

  • Inspire your strategic thinking Learn to take time to reflect, create connections between ideas, plans, and people. Master the ability and willingness to make choices.
  • Build your strategic pillars As you are creating your pillars, strategies and tactics, make sure they each serve your vision and objectives. And don’t be afraid to adjust.
  • Test and develop your ideas Consider and analyse the relevant markets and note down your ideas. Expand and test them. Carry out competitive analysis
  • Go into deep dive sessions Stories are the way of making sense of the complicated. Translating ideas into a story via deep dive is a powerful way to simplify.
  • Map out your Must-Win Battles They are enlightening and thought provoking. MBWs set a clear path for you to focus your team's head, heart, and hands.
  • Build your digital leadership As your ally I’ll facilitate a supportive environment in which you can step back and examine your ideas. I am the sensitive observer who sees what is going on in and around you.

Want to climb with me?

I am a visionary digital pioneer, speaker and mountaineer
with proven track record

I have worked many years for Greenpeace and was responsible for their digital transformation. Prior, I held various positions in the online business. I am mentioned in ZEIT, WirtschaftsWoche, and others. As a consultant, I have advised companies in consumer goods, publishing and agencies sectors.

With much of my work being behind closed doors, lets here what other says

  • "Claudia is a great sparring partner offering thoughtful strategic advice based on practical experience. She is extremely well acquainted with technology trends, tasks and tools of digital communication and digital business models."
  • "She is a great management consultant who is very well versed in the topics of digital transformation, branding and strategic communication."
  • "Claudia is a very reliable partner for our agency. She impressed us with profund knowledge in the field of digital brand strategy."

More details upon request

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